Keeping chinas wto commitments clear
11.07.2018 — 146 views

Keeping China’s WTO Commitments Clear

The accusing WTO member doesn’t actually care whether China has fulfilled its WTO commitments. In its eyes, only when China reaches the opening and market operation levels it wants will China fulfill its WTO compliance.
Long wei phoenix flying to shenzhen
Long Wei: “Phoenix” Flying to Shenzhen

“Why does Shenzhen attract so many people? Because it is a beacon of hope. These talented people are attracted not by money but by the career prospects the city affords.”
11.07.2018 — 51 views
Nanling Village: Like Father, Like Son

Behind the development miracle of Shenzhen’s Nanling Village are struggles across two generations of local residents.
11.07.2018 — 66 views
Americas consequences for the trade war
America’s Consequences for the Trade War

Imposing more tariffs on China will inevitably lead to more troubles for the United States.
11.07.2018 — 95 views
Unstoppable industrial upgrade
Unstoppable Industrial Upgrade

The Trump administration blames the U.S.’s domestic troubles on China and ignored WTO regulations to launch a trade war targeting Made in China 2025 development strategy. This m...
11.07.2018 — 116 views
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The key to China's survival in the potentially protracted trade war with the United States lies in the deepening of reforms while ensuring its core industries are of a world-leading standard, trade and law experts said on Monday.
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Experts from world's leading economies criticize Trump's China tariffs

Business leaders and scholars from the world's leading economies have criticized the trade war initiated by Washington that will have profoundly negative consequences. The US ad...
11.07.2018 — 54 views
The largest developing country
The Largest Developing Country

As the largest developing country, China has always fulfilled and will continue to fulfill its international obligations in accordance with its stage of development and promote ...
10.07.2018 — 128 views
Diminishing global trust and support for the us
Diminishing Global Trust and Support for the U.S.

China has the advantage of time in the trade disputes with the United States.
10.07.2018 — 98 views
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Trade protectionism 'shuts door on opportunity': Australian minister

Australia's Trade Minister has warned over the dangers of global trade tensions as the nation's trade hits a new high. Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Steven Ciobo us...
10.07.2018 — 86 views


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