11.07.2018 — 97 views

Five Fingers of One Hand

BRICS cooperation has become a major force in the modernization of international governance
A Moment Seized

China should demonstrate the same courage in furthering reform and opening up as in accession to the WTO
11.07.2018 — 108 views
Open for Travel

The Belt and Road Initiative provides opportunities for tourism cooperation with Gansu
11.07.2018 — 101 views
Fountain of Youth

The CPC sustains its mission 97 years on
11.07.2018 — 103 views
Time for a rethink
Time for a Rethink

As old alliances come under strain, the EU's future lies in partnership with China
11.07.2018 — 99 views
Keeping chinas wto commitments clear
11.07.2018 — 182 views

Keeping China’s WTO Commitments Clear

The accusing WTO member doesn’t actually care whether China has fulfilled its WTO commitments. In its eyes, only when China reaches the opening and market operation levels it wants will China fulfill its WTO compliance.
Long wei phoenix flying to shenzhen
Long Wei: “Phoenix” Flying to Shenzhen

“Why does Shenzhen attract so many people? Because it is a beacon of hope. These talented people are attracted not by money but by the career prospects the city affords.”
11.07.2018 — 99 views
Nanling Village: Like Father, Like Son

Behind the development miracle of Shenzhen’s Nanling Village are struggles across two generations of local residents.
11.07.2018 — 128 views
Americas consequences for the trade war
America’s Consequences for the Trade War

Imposing more tariffs on China will inevitably lead to more troubles for the United States.
11.07.2018 — 164 views
Unstoppable industrial upgrade
Unstoppable Industrial Upgrade

The Trump administration blames the U.S.’s domestic troubles on China and ignored WTO regulations to launch a trade war targeting Made in China 2025 development strategy. This m...
11.07.2018 — 176 views


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